Mooer GE300 Lite

Pris: 3695,00 DKK
MONSTERFED Multi-Effects Processor til El - Guitar High quality amplifier models that use Mooer's nonlinear digital amp modelling technology and IR-based cabinet simulations to emulate the dynamics and feel of a real tube amplifier 108 Preamp models, 164 effects and 43 IR-based cabinet simulations Tone capture function for sampling and saving real amplifiers, guitars or cabinets in order to create new digital sound models Supports additional impulse response files (IR resolution 2048) from third-party providers Programmable FX loop with optional signal chain routing MIDI compatible Programmable foot switches with selectable LED colours and assignable functions Intuitive and simple user interface Supports up to two external expression pedals Phrase Looper (stereo) with 30 seconds of recording time Integrated tuner Guitar / Line input switch 5 Effect parameter controls and controls for XLR Out Master Volume and Output / Headphone Master Volume Select rotary switches and buttons for menu navigation Footswitch: Up, Down, CTRL 1-3, A, B and C Navigation buttons for left and right Control buttons for display, GLB-EQ, CTRL, System, Save and EXP Effect control buttons for Comp, Wah, FX A, DS/OD, Amp, Cab, NS, Tone Cap, EQ, FX B, FX Loop, Delay and Reverb Aluminium housing 5" TFT display Dimensions (L x W x H): 287 x 208 x 64 mm Weight 2.1 kg Includes power adapter and USB cable

Vox Stomplab 2

Pris: 775,00 DKK
Plug and play superfed multieffekt pedal fra VOX. Med expression til eks. Wah eller Volume. 100 presets med alt i modeling. 20 Bruger programpladser.

VOX Stomp Lab-1

Pris: 620,00 DKK
Plug and play superfed multieffekt pedal fra VOX. 100 presets med alt i modeling. 20 Bruger programpladser.

Mooer GE100

Pris: 725,00 DKK
Mooer GE100 Multieffekt pedal MEGA mange fede effekter til meget små penge Indbygget tuner Drop Pitch Reverb Echo Chorus Distortion Modulation


Pris: 1495,00 DKK
8 Effekter i et hus: Boost, overdrive, distortion, tremolo, phaser, chorus / flanger, delay, reverb Ingen menuer, men kontroller for hver parameter Indbygget tuner Forskellige rutemuligheder Integreret højttalersimulering

Vox Stomplab 2B

Pris: 715,00 DKK
Superfed BAS effektpedal med expression funktion.


Pris: 1745,00 DKK
90 effekttyper 32 sekunder Looper Cirka 7 timers afspilning på batteri 99 Presets 99 bruger programmer


Pris: 800,00 DKK
Fremragende guitar multieffekt med ALT hvad du kan ønske dig til at spille med præcis den fede effekt du har brug for...